Well here it is The iPad mini has been updated to include Retina display; wish it so and Apple will build it, which was apparently the most requested feature, according to Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook.


First impressions are good, it feels like an upgrade, light and thin. It has the same styling as the iPad Air giving the tablet a qualitative feel.


The new iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch retina display designed to give a more detailed vibrant picture quality and comes with the same 64-bit chip that powers the iPad Air.


The height and width are the same but having the retina display comes at a small price, the thickness is 0.3mm thicker and the weight is 331g compared with the non retina display version of 308g, however you barely notice.


This iPad Mini with retina display really is a mini version of the iPad Air; look and feel, design spec is very much a scaled version.

The new iPad mini with retina display will cement Apple as the market leader in the 7 inch tablet market, however we feel it’s biggest competitor will be the iPad Air given its improved design spec .


The new model will cost from £319 in the UK, and will become available in November, although a deffinite date is yet to be announced.


Costs for the various version will be, £319 for a 16GB with Wi-Fi, £399 for 32GB, £479 for 64GB and £599 for 128GB.


The models with cellular as well as Wi-Fi will start at £419 for 16GB, £499 for 32GB, £579 for 64GB and £659 for 128GB.


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