The iPad 5 still hasn’t been released, despite the iPhone 5S and 5C coming out in September. That hasn’t stopped the rumours spreading about the upcoming features of the new Apple tablet. How will it compete with the products already out on the market and will it be better than its predecessors?


The Design Aspect of the iPad 5

 There is very little news from Apple about its new device. It has led to many tech experts suggesting that the design will be similar to the iPad Mini. It makes sense since there was a lot of disappointment surrounding the iPad 4, which was using a design that was developed two years previous.


The thickness may be around 7mm, considering that is the thickness of the iPad Mini. Its weight could be around 700g, but it is important to remember that this is a larger tablet than the Mini.


The Camera on the New Device

The camera on the rear of the device needs to be updated. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it was around the same quality as the iPhone 5S, which is 8MP. However, Samsung has already released a better megapixel camera, so Apple may try to compete with that.


The Processor Speed

 As the iPads have advanced, the processor speeds have increased. They can handle more at the same time and playing games and watching videos is much easier and better. The speed of the iPad 5’s processor will likely increase. The usual claim is that the processor will be twice as fast but nothing has currently been released about it.


To help back up the possibilities of faster processors, the iPad 5 is expected to have the same new chips that the iPhone 5S has: the A7 and M7 chips.


Wireless Charging

 There are rumours that this new tablet will be the first to have wireless charging. Back in September 2011, Apple did file a patent on the technology, so it is expected to use it after developing it. Has two years been long enough to manage that?


The features are just rumours at the moment. Apple is thought to be unveiling the new iPad 5 within the next month at a special event, either October 15 or October 22. Only then will the official specifications be released, along with the price and date.




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